Good evening to all you lovely puzzlers!

Yesterday evening Seal 2 of the “A new mission” official ARG opened up, and proved to be as exciting as the past stages! I personally did not find it as challenging as the others but it was fun none the less.

For everyone who is struggling with this particular puzzle, below is my walk through.

First step is to head back to and click anywhere that is NOT a link and type 33 on your keyboard – this will take you back to the “Gate” of doom

Now if you remember at the end of the seal 1 video, we were given 2 new runes to input, at the time it brought you to a “unavailable” page, however now its updated and this is what you need to input and then click the centre ball…

Wait a few seconds and you will be redirected to here we go guys!

From the above image you will see we have a link to visit the transcript is below

Nozomi, Zeitgeist… thanks you both for your email. I am glad to see that French and German cabals are progressing.

I just went back from our field activity in Guelph, Ontario and it shed some light on what is going on.

I was extremely excited early this week, mobilization of this magnitude was never seen before in our cabal. The display of our troops with such glory was breathtaking. For a young recruit like me, it was overwhelming to say the least… It took me a while to understand what was going on and to realized I had been assign to a petty job!

While our high-ranking members are all allocated to deal with the situation, it leaves our cabal with limited resources to address most of our operating mission. Yours truly was assign to the gate project.

Almost three years ago, a Dragon agent went AWOL and convinced two agents, an Illuminati and a Templar, to defect to his cause. The three of them manage to break many of our internal security. Oddly enough, they just stole lvl 2 data and outdated set of software with no or limited impact on our current activities.

They finally trapped this girl, a murder investigator specialized in ritualistic killings, in a quite sordid way. They hooked a live stream in a warehouse and forced her to watch this serial killer setting up his little play zone. Instead of being able to launch a nationwide investigation to stop him, she was coerced to play their little game for sinister purpose that I can’t fully understand yet.

This week, they started to feed the first victim to this maniac, under her helpless eyes. They spoon-feed her clues that could help her save the victim, but so far she was not successful. Meanwhile, by arrogance or by pure madness, they leaked this gate so we could see this little experimentation.

While we should spend all resources fighting the Great War, my superior decided that these corrupted rogue agents need to be stopped.

I personally wanted something much more glamour as my first mission. Nevertheless, it needs to be dealt with swiftly.

I still feel helpless, as I can’t contact this investigator. I am going back on the field. If I can’t track them down, at the very least I will try to jeopardize their little plan. I don’t know what are your assignments right now or if you are involved in this major mobilization, but if you have time to look at this gate, feel free.

While this is an interesting piece of information regarding the back story of the ARG – do not get too hung up on it, it’s not relevant to the password for this stage. The first thing to notice is the picture of a lady, she has the initials A.P written underneath, the second thing to note is the photograph on the right hand side that states “Epsom” For native English players, its apparent that Epsom is where the famous horse races take part – so naturally go and take a read at Wikipedia.

If you look to the top right hand side of the screen, you will see a picture of angel too… this is a huge clue!

Emily Davison was a women’s militant suffrage activist and ran in front of the king’s horse at the Epsom derby and died due to those injuries a few days later. If you look at her wiki page the password is staring you right in the face!

Go back to the page and type your username of choice into the console, press enter – then type in suffragette and then any key… Bazinga! A new video… oh wait, this looks creepy you may be thinking – you would be thinking correct, don’t forget to turn your volume up for maximum creepiness!

Slaughterhouse Video 1

You will notice that the creepy guy walks in twice, the first time with an angle grinder and the second time a meat cleaver.. then the video repeats itself.

Now think back to the previous puzzle you just completed, you will remember the two pieces on the table that stated “14” this now becomes useful! Go up to the right corner of the slaughterhouse website and type 14 into the video ID field and press enter.

Slaughterhouse Video 2

Okay.. well if I were a betting girl – I’d say the chances of the dude on the seat living were pretty low…

If you now go back to the 33 gate you will notice more of the lights are now glowing white not red, click the middle one and you will be brought to a video of our lady detective talking on the phone viewed through a camera like the slaughterhouse video – she goes into the same conversation as the first video but elaborates.

The more keen-eyed puzzlers noted that on the first page of the slaughterhouse site, in the bottom right corner was a letter image that you could click to which it brought you to another paste bin link.

“Dear observer,

So you like serial killers? That’s great, we do too… We just recently adopted one and helped him settle down.

But you know how kids are… they sometimes lack focus. To help ours, we asked this lovely murder investigator to try to stop him. Just to spice things up a little. But this puzzle and website were actually meant for her.

Now sadly, you stumbled upon our experimentation and distracted us.

As long as you don’t interfere, there should be no consequence to your little trespassing. But let us be clear, there are things in this world that you are just not aware of. There are realities that, as puny civilian, you cannot even start to comprehend. Don’t go down the road Dorothy, you could be in for a big surprise.

Now I have to go. Tomorrow we will have our first guest, visiting our prodigy! I am so excited…

In exchange for your obedience, I am willing to let you take a peak.


Mr. Whitechapel”

This gave ANOTHER link.

“Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Encoded Video Feed: 26dL/y5uREk=

All your base are belong to us, Commodore 64


. AC-130

. Evelyn De Morgan

. Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

. 52.31, 13.24

. 50.7, 8.41”

Which in turn gave ANOTHER link (link-ception!) Which led to a decryption tool, the clues above appear to be for a different group of people as you can see over here the forums are “sponsored” this week by the slaughterhouse – they were given a whole different set of clues, but essentially we are now both at the same point. I refuse to be beaten by anything so I went ahead and solved the uniforms clues also.

Look up the names Evelyn De Morgan and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just and you shall see that Evelyn was a painter whose work includes a piece called “The angel of death” and Louis was dubbed “The angel of death” bare that in mind and now google maps the numbers shown below:

“52.31, 13.24” and “. 50.7, 8.41”

This should show you 2 places in Germany, go ahead and Google “Angel of death Germany, serial killers” and you should come across this.

Those of you that have been following this closely will remember the police woman video “it reminds me of the _________ case” now it makes a lot of sense “It reminds me of the LETTER case” Go to the decryption website and use Stephen letter as the key and put in 26dL/y5uREk= to be decoded – this should give you 14.

That is how the uniforms got to the last video, we had the much simpler version (sadly). Unfortunately that is all we have til the 6th but maybe there is a bigger picture to be looking at that we have yet to find? What are your thoughts on the way the story is progressing? What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know In the comments below!

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10 Responses to A New Mission Seal 2

  1. Koro Burn says:

    Try putting in “6” as the Video Feed ID. You get a video of static and some Morse code…which I haven’t deciphered.

  2. angelusvicast says:

    put the numbers 1 and 6 in the page of slaughterhouse

  3. Domaldel says:

    You missed the KER rune code at the end of the last video we got that’s the intended way to get the new video.
    The “k” rune is the one that look like a “v” on the side.
    The “E” is the rune that looks like a “M”.
    And the “R” should be fairly obvious I think ;-)
    Prefer that method to the potential bug in the gate.

    Other then that though your article is a great one :-)

  4. Doctorfun says:

    Again a pretty good guide, Amelia. I would just like to add something you left out: there was an additional clue leading to Emily Davison:

    If you ROT-13 the ZPZKVVV scribbled on a piece of paper you get MCMXIII the year she died at Epsom.

    • badgerAlum says:

      Great post Amy, definitely appreciate the guide as I think it helps folks who fell behind in the threads find info without sifting through 40 some pages of posts. Also, thanks for the tip Doctorfun… I had it in my mind to try to ROT-13 that, but ended up figuring it out before I got to that piece of info. Came back here because I was curious to see if anyone had figured out how that clue fit.

  5. Merovingian says:

    Well done again Amy.

    I have been following this closely, and keeping clues from the beginning as I suspect in the end, all these little clues that we’ve yet been required to use, will in the end, have some meaning, if even to just fill in holes in the back story. Which will only make for a more interesting ARG.

    That said, I suspect your intuition is correct, the pot head (make note of his shirt, it says, “Death Valley Weed Shop”) will indeed be the next victim. Perhaps a clue as to where the killing happened? Death Valley? or perhaps just implies he is indeed in Deaths Valley.. as in, about to die.

    One thing I found interesting, is how seemingly calculated this killer is. If you watch the video closely, you will also have noted the time stamp, and how long it takes this fellow in the white coat to move. I mean 13 minutes to walk through the door? Then again, 13 minutes to walk across the room? Then 8 minutes standing there at what I presume is a table where he places the bone saw. Then when he returns at 22:17 another 13 minutes to walk in and place the large meat cleaver onto the table. I think this 13 minutes will mean something like the last set of numbers in seal 1, 1-3?? Hrrm gets me thinking.

    Then the 2nd video we see the same dude enter and takes 34 minutes to walk across the room and put on the rubber apron. This fellow clearly has a lot on his mind, serial killers are often very calculated, as insane as they may be, often calculated. As one of the letters leads us to believe this killer is out of control, I tend to lean towards believing, he is very much in control. Nonetheless I still cant help wonder what he is thinking.

    Once again, your update on the ARG is awesome, accurate, and succinct. Well done.


  6. Simon Grey says:

    Might want to find out how to do the little tag that puts in a “Read More” link so all of this isn’t visible on the main page. Some might not want to spoil the whole thing and its all out there on the main page as its formatted now.

  7. Jonathan Tabata says:

    I got to Emily Davison in a different way.
    If you insert zpzkvvv in and hit cypher, you’ll get mcmxiii
    witch is 1913. Google 1913 + epsom and voila.
    Also your website is awesome!!