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Yesterday brought one of the most exciting seals to date, seal number 3.

For those of you new to this ARG puzzle, please refer back to seal 2 walkthrough where I explain how get to the gate and what to expect there.

To start off you need to head back to the 33 gate and input the following runes, press the centre ball and wait a few seconds….

and the following video will load…

It's all about the pentium

Once the video has ended click the link in the middle of the screen and it will take you over to the input page

Once again we are faced with a desk with several items on:

  1. A tape case with the names of the crew working on the film “Carrie 2: the rage”
  2. A photograph
  3. A piece of paper with a expiration date
  4. A box of matches
  5. Two yellow flowers, one of which is a dandelion
  6. A black piece with 6 on it

Hovering your mouse over the left side of the screen brings up the all too familiar input console.

Now this one is a little different from the past, if you go ahead and type in your user-name of choice into the console it will show the following message:

This is fairly misleading as at first glance you assume a double digit number is required xx-xx. However that is NOT the case, all you require is a single word. Start off by focusing your efforts on the main photo on the desk, once you locate that you pretty much have the first thing you need to input into the console.

The image depicts the siege of Leningrad – as all we need is a single word, take the most obvious… Leningrad, input it into the console and press enter. Thought that was easy? Ha! You are not done yet! Once you have completed that step you are met with the following text

The first thing you should notice is you are being told to go back to the blackwatchmen website.

The second is a list of images, now this part is a bit of a leap of logic – if you input the name of each image into the bar on the blackwatchmen website it gives you a image.






Now to get to the date there are several ways, the way in which I personally did it was look at the images we had been given and make a connection to Charles 1 of Brittany – his wifes name is very simular to the name of the person we are looking for, the real way of doing it however is below.

Note that we are given a xxxxxx.jpg in the list, this is prompting you to find the missing image on the blackwatchmen site – the best way of doing that is plotting the locations on the map like below.

You will see that it forms a pentagram (remember the first videos name? “It’s all about the Pentiums” kinda like pentagram?) now look right in the center – Orleans, now obviously that’s too many letters long so simply take off the s and input Orlean into blackwatchmen and you get given the following image.


This is a image of Joan of Arc, who was also called the Maid of Orleans.

If you remember your old history lessons, you will recall that she was burnt at the stake (going back to the Carrie link and the matches on the desk) all you need to do now is find her date of death 30 May 1431and input 30-05-1431 , press enter and bingo you have solved seal 3! (I will include the last video after explaining what was there before we had completed everything.)

Yesterday, after we solved the seal the video we have now was not there, instead we were led to the slaughter-house website and input 6 as the video ID – this gave us a page of static with Morse Code playing.

This translated to “You have til June 7th to save her”. We were all a little stumped as to what to do to “save her” but it was forum user Zeitgeist who worked it out.

He contacted Agent 303 (refer back to the Dragon Unlockable mini-ARG) and received the following message:

Date: 06/06/2012 23:46
From: Agent 303
To: Zeitgeist
Subject: RE: 33

Sorry, I have nothing on my side. Did you had any clues that could help you reach her? Any luck with the usual email provider?

- Agent 303

He then guessed her email and received the following reply:

Date: 07/06/2012 01:21
From: Astrid Massing
To: Zeitgeist
Subject: Re: Need help?

Are you with the feds? That was quick.

The code is PMZSTr8atGxNMVsEOSiv7jyiocluMt18xbHxZLkpnGw=

Email me if you crack it. If you have anyone else who can help, please share. Time is running out…

This was decoded by using the same tools as the “stephen letter” we used last time, with the Joan of Arc date and this gave us the location – 35 Oxford Street, Providence, RI.

After emailing this to Agent massing she replied with the following messages

Date: 07/06/2012 01:57
From: Astrid Massing
To: Zeitgeist
Subject: Re: Need help?

We are on our way – ETA 20 mins.

and also

Date: 07/06/2012 02:23
From: Astrid Massing
To: Zeitgeist
Subject: Re: Need help?

We are securing the area. I will give you update as soon as I can. “

Some time passed and then she sent a last email to Zeitgeist:

Date: 07/06/2012 03:13
From: Astrid Massing
To: Zeitgeist
Subject: Re: Need help?


We make a good team! Thank you for your help, I will finish the report by tomorrow morning…

Hurray we saved her! After this was completed the last video updated.

Video Feed – Seal 3

The German she speaks in this video seems to tell us she is going to “Alcatraz” to meet someone, who – we are not sure…

Yes, hello. It’s me.
Can we meet?
No, it can’t.
We meet on Alcatraz.
See you soon.

Join me next week to see where the story leads us.

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21 Responses to A New Mission Seal 3

  1. Seraphima says:

    Need to label this with the ARG tag— I was going nuts trying to find the dang thing, since reading up to where I am helps me nudge ahead without flat-out telling me the answer.

  2. Jazz says:

    I can go no further – my blackwatchmen code is not recognised :o/

  3. aljaz says:

    I found this ARG today, I have 3 questions
    How did you found title of the movie It’s all about the pentium?
    How did you contact agent 303, with georgia.msika@gmail.com?
    How did you found Astrid Massing name and email?

  4. JonnyRoebuck says:

    You said that one had to remove the “s” in Orleans, that is not the case. “File xxxxxxx.jpg file corrupted”, as you can see there are 7 x’s as the seven letters in Orleans :D

    • ameliasweet says:

      The day of release you DID have to remove the s from orleans, i pressume they noticed their mistake and fixed it :)

  5. Tether says:

    Is the a way to get a list and web tool address for all the current tools being used to solve these.

  6. Raithwood says:

    Bloody amazing!

  7. Mila says:

    It would be Great IF I had a Blackwatch Access Code – but I never got the email I was supposed to get to take me through to the 2nd bit – and when asking Support for help on this – they sent me the wrong answer – saying I should chk to see if MASS EMAILS were clocked by my Virus chkr – I then wrote back explain that it would not be sent as a MASS EMAIL – and could they please look into it again as I really cannot go on if I do not have what is needed – all I got was an email back saying :- “We no longer accept requests for support directly via email” They had just been accepting them – but it seems to me they just cannot be bothered to help – this does not bode well for the game on release!!!!

    • Zephyrus says:

      The ARG is being handled by another company, not Funcom so the ARG doesn’t bode at all for the game on release. It has nothing to do with it.

      • Jazz says:

        Getting no help does have an ill effect on players – no matter if Funcom r not handling the ARG! It seem it was just that one Support helper who could not be bothered – I went tio the site again and DID get Help! so YES they r involved in some way! Or Surely they would have said they could not help because of ……yada yada yada? Anyway – I received a code FINALLY for Blackwatchmen- and it is not recognised! Am I missing something here? Am I supposed to decrypt this code to get a proper access key? I did try that – but with no successs of anything that looks remotely like an access code – but had to try something seeing the Actual code sent does not work! I am working in the dark as not getting all the bits I need means having to use the spoilers – which I was hoping not to have to do unless totally stumped :/

        • ameliasweet says:

          Okay, so firstly – if you are at the FIRST seal where you needed the SHORT blackwatchmen access code – here take mine 1589250 – secondly if you were given a big long one, that is for seal 4 not seal 3.
          If you want to just do seal 3 (which i assume you do as you are commenting on seal 3’s article not seal 1 or2) you DONT NEED A ACCESS CODE as i have said and others have said before – all you need to do is follow my instructions above OR just type into the bar each word you want the .jpg for
          i dont understand why you are causing such a ruckus, you can easily skip the part you are on
          you dont HAVE to do every seal as it doesnt actually log your email as far as we are aware…

    • urael says:

      I just use 33 for that site.

    • ameliasweet says:

      For this part you do not even need a Access code, you are simply writing the .jpg names into the access code slot – as Zeph explained its not being handled by Funcom but a outsourced company funcom has hired.

  8. Leck says:

    Yay! I don’t have to work anything out! :D