Amelia has been feeling a bit ill the last few days, so I’m going to attempt to write the Seal 4 walk-through for her! Since I’m not nearly as smart as her at this business, I’ll only do the walk-through on the “easy” solution. So let’s get this party started! On the day the 4th seal was supposed to be broken, everyone received an email giving people an option to “leave the ARG”. To the dismay of many who clicked on it, they were actually unsubscribed from the ARG emails.

Mr. Whitechapel – via
12:33 AM (0 minutes ago)

To <Agent>

In 2h you will have to make a capital decision.

Mr. Whitechapel

Click here if you wish to take the blue pill and not be contacted again.
<Unsubscribe Link>

2 hours later another email was sent out giving players the option to become a rogue agent:

Someone helped our little agent and saved the cheerleader… I guess congratulations are in order.

I need to point out that aside from your overzealous work, so far, only the Dragon deemed our existence worthy of an official investigation, even if they only assigned a rookie agent on the case.

I should actually take pride in this. I wonder when they will wake up and realize the situation. Well, at least, you deserve more credit than them. You are here. Waiting for my next puzzle and still trying to figure out the whole picture.

Take two minutes to think about it, and please ask yourself: do you really think they are worthy of having you in their rank? I am reading your emails, listening to your calls, watching you at home and I see myself back when I was just a pawn… Back when my actions didn’t really matter.

You still don’t have any clues of the true power behind what we are doing. Nevertheless, you were not able to resist interfering. I admire your instinct, this life-force in you.

If you are truly loyal to your society, take back the blue pill and have a nice day. Don’t solve the next puzzle and go to sleep.

Will something bad happen if this next puzzle is left unsolved?

Will something bad happen if this next puzzle is solved?

Who knows…

One thing is for sure, on June 15th, the circle of life will carry on…

Please bear in mind one thing: if you wish to proceed, three of you will have to betray your society. These three rogue agents will be warmly welcomed among us, but do not underestimate the consequences.

As for the rest of you, loyal to your society, loyal to your conviction: let’s see how you can keep everyone in rank.

Here is your <Faction> personal key: ********************

When three rogue agents were found and we were able to log in:

After finding 3 rogue agents we can login.

Click Proceed at Your Own Risk.

Which brings us to…

Our trusty Login Screen

First think to notice which opens:



VALUE: hbN6RZ3BFS+0t8Oo0kf7wp1z8PeVNofM3M3IRFUPZTg=

(Note: Wiki Entries were not included in the pastebin link.)

MorsRattus found:

  • Atomic numbers: Hindenburg = Hydrogen. 1
  • Borax = Boron. 5.
  • Seaborg = Seaborgium. 106.


Using that as the key to decrypt hbN6RZ3BFS+0t8Oo0kf7wp1z8PeVNofM3M3IRFUPZTg= in the pastebin we found a tinyurl that linked to:

VeroProDiGY mentioned, Shakespear Play “Hamlet”, was once reenacted on the ACTUAL site of Alcatraz Prison.

Using the key from earlier and the connection between Alcatraz and the plays we can find, Hamlet. Act 1, Scene 5, Line 106. O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain! Enter the whole line as the pass code and voila!

In the video she crosses out 18, 14, 6, 24. Circles 21. Leaves 1 and 3 alone.
18  14
1 (21)  6

“Unsub Male 35″ and “Technician Medical Expert”

She writes “Last known loc-” and gets a phone call (speaking in french and translated below):


Thank you for calling me so fast
It’s serious
No no no it’s really serious
I didn’t expect this reversal of the situation, not at all
Listen, without the help of these 3 people I couldn’t have access to his profile
Did you have time to check it a little bit?
Ok call me back

Ok bye”

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