Good evening Arrgers!

A few days ago seal 5 was unlocked and the community worked hard to solve it as usual, I have to say this was personally was a little frustrating to solve, but totally worth it for the emotional pay-off on completion!

As usual if you do not want spoilers do not read any further as I go through the steps to solving the puzzle.

By now you should be pretty used to the 33 gate, head on over there and input the following rune combination followed by the center ball.

Seal 5

This will take you to the following seal…

And the Console

Following the usual theme, we are given a desk with several notable objects on it :

  1. A telegram card, with “Failed attempt” written in Italian, and “Tora Tora” in Japanese (which translates to tiger, tiger in English – this was the command from the Japanese attempt at pearl harbour)
  2. A piece of paper with “Karl Gustavovich Fabergé” written on it (the creator of the Fabergé eggs)
  3. A necklace with the symbol of the monogram of Empress Maria Feodorovna
  4. A photograph of a Japanese plane (A Japanese Zero possibly)
  5. A 3 of spades playing card.

Upon entering your user name it prompts you for an authorization, however if you enter something wrong now it gives you the following message…

This gave us the first valuable clue, we were looking for a “house name”  – remember everyone solves these puzzles in different ways, my way may actually be more in depth than others, so I apologise if you get lost.

To find the first house name we must look at the Italian on the postcard – it says “Failed attempt”

This lead us to the Golpe Borghese  -which was a failed Italian coup. If you are familiar with history you shall notice that the name “Borhese” was a noble Italian family so the next step is to look into their history. After reading the history (and trying a million different house names….) you should come across a famous name – Napoleon! He was was tied into the Borghese family – Its also worth noting this is our “Egg” lead also – There was actually a Faberger Egg call the ‘Napoleonic’ egg given to the Empress Maria Fyodorovna The egg’s design commemorates the centenary of the Battle of Borodino during Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia.

go ahead and type in HIS house name “Bonaparte” and click enter.

You should now be prompted to enter the family authorisation – we have already looked into this family several times – the family authorisation is “Borghese” type it in and press enter – you will be faced with the following text

If you load up the pastebin link  you will see the following list of dates and places:


2012 – United States
2011 – Switzerland
2010 – Spain
2009 – Greece
2008 – United States
2007 – Turkey
2006 – Canada
2005 – Germany
2004 – Italy
2003 – France
2002 – United States
2001 – Sweden
2000 – Belgium
1999 – Portugal
1998 – United Kingdom
1997 – United States
1996 – Canada
1995 – Switzerland
1994 – Finland
1993 – Greece
1992 – France
1991 – Germany
1990 – United States
1989 – Spain
1988 – Austria
1987 – Italy
1986 – United Kingdom
1985 – United States
1984 – Sweden
1983 – Canada
1982 – Norway
1981 – Switzerland
1980 – West Germany
1979 – Austria
1978 – United States
1977 – United Kingdom
1976 – No Data
1975 – Turkey
1974 – France
1973 – Sweden
1972 – Belgium
1971 – United States
1970 – Switzerland
1969 – Denmark
1968 – Canada
1967 – United Kingdom
1966 – West Germany
1965 – Italy
1964 – United States
1963 – France
1962 – Sweden
1961 – Canada
1960 – Switzerland
1959 – Turkey
1958 – United Kingdom
1957 – Italy
1957 – United States
1956 – Denmark
1955 – West Germany
1955 – France
1954 – File corrupted”

Note that the last entry states “file corrupted” this is the place name we require for the next step.

Take a second for a breather, and good job for getting this far!

To get the last name you first have to realize that this is a list of meetings, 1954 being the first with the unknown location and 1955’s meeting taking part in France. Use your google-fu well and you will find yourself reading about Bilderberg organization – the first meeting took place in 1954 in the Netherlands – go ahead and type in the Netherlands.

You will be prompted to OPTIONALLY look at a the image below:

However to get the last Family organization you do not need to – simply read about the Bilderberg organization and conspiracies linked to it, you will find a family name that will come up several times… Rothschild

Hit enter and sit back, relax and watch the pretty detective call several of us community types out …. including me! * gulp *

The day after we received an email from The blackwatchmen again

Recent treachery in our rank has come to our attention. In a unique meeting where we had to set aside our differences for a short time, the topic of Mr. Whitechapel was addressed.

Until you receive further instructions to deal with the case of the rogue agents, you have to pronounce yourself on the fate of your brothers and sisters.

It Appears that the names in the poll are the three agents who gave away their code to unlock seal 4 last week, they have been called out as traitors (though we have had no confirmation) and the community are voting as such (our poor lumie guy, looks like the milk is about to expire *badum tssh!* ). It’s worth noting that none of the above names were read out on the detectives list…

Thank you for reading my walkthrough, I hope you found it helpful – what do you think the names on the video mean? Shall I change my name to Rosie McSquishy and move to Rio?

All comments are welcome.

Until next time – happy puzzling!

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3 Responses to A New Mission Seal 5

  1. karmakamikaze says:

    Hey there! You’ve done a lovely job on these Seal ARG posts!

    Did the group ever figure out why some of our names were mentioned? I read theories on the forums that we were traitors, or that it was a shout out to the most helpful community members, but as far as I know I am neither of those things! (I know for sure I am not most helpful, I barely helped much, and had to drop out during Seal 4!)

  2. Unit says:

    nice had to do stuff all week so missed this seal .. thanks for this great guide and great work :)

  3. Broc says:

    As always, an awesome guide. I followed your earlier ones, and that’s what got me trying to solve them myself. Thank you…