Welcome back puzzlers!

This week seal 6 has proven to be somewhat of a tiring experience – as you will later on in this article some of us did not sleep for 40+ hours trying to keep up to speed, unlike the seals of old this was NOT solved in a night!

To get started head back to the 33 gate and input the following runes.

The first thing you will see is the following slaughterhouse video called “Stuck in the middle with your pardon”

Slaughter House

Following the same theme as the past seals we are then taken to the seal 6 input page

Seal 6 Input Page (FYI: The link brings you to a new background page.)

The console was the same as ever.

On the desk are the following items:

  1. A fruit of much discussed origin (Most likely is an orange or a meyer lemon)
  2. A shadow in a cross shape
  3. A key with the number 1 written on it.

Upon moving your mouse over the left hand side of the page and inputting your desired username you are given the following pastebin link http://pastebin.com/TtNdrQCC


Mrs. Peacock with the Rope in the Library

Mr. Falco with the Revolver in the Driveway

Miss Scarlett with the Candlestick in the Conservatory



The first thing to note here is that two of the names are from a famous game, Cluedo! (Clue in America I believe) Mrs peacock and Miss Scarlet are real characters, however “Mr Falco” is not.

Head on over to google and input “Mr Falco revolver” and the first thing that should come up is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Berkowitz also known as Richard David Falco – look at his nicknames “Son of Sama nd .44 Caliber Killer

Pull up the same tools as we have used before http://www.tools4noobs.com/online_tools/decrypt/

Paste the long value into it and use “Son of Sam” as the key – make sure you have “base 64” ticked at the bottom and decode away!

Once you have done that you will be given a new URL http://tinyurl.com/ccpwppb

Edward Rais

This is clearly the man from the slaughterhouse videos and it tells us a little more about him.

We now need a key for the seal 6 input page – looking at the whole serial killer vibe the slaughterhouse videos give us, and the emails we have received a number should jump out at you on Edwards ID – his birthdate 6.6.1976 – gosh that’s a lot of 6’s right? Bingo! 666 the number of the devil.

Head on over to the seal page and input “Devil” (though several variants work too)

 Key 1

Once that has been input the following message is show “Divine Comedy Subroutine started” and the following URL – http://tinyurl.com/cqxpg7o

This took us to a live stream and at the time the only thing there was a wall covered in white paper with the following image in the middle.

Michael casts out rebel angels", by Gustave Doré from paradise lost

This image is “Michael casts out rebel angels”, by Gustave Doré from paradise lost, he also did work for Divine comedy so this is our starting point.

From this go and read about Divine comedy on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divine_Comedy and notice what part one is called and what it focusses on.

The sin that lucifer was guilty of and got thrown from heaven was “Pride”

Enter that into the console and you are onto the next key.

Key 2

Superbia subroutine online (pride)

The next clue we were given was when a girl walked into camera view on the live stream and wearing a hoodie, and wrote “A/” on the wall ( we have nicknamed her A/girl) After that another girl with pigtails, a mini skirt, a teddy bear and a lollypop walked in and wrote the following family tree (we have named her lollypop).

A quick google search reveals that Jane Toppan was a serial killer whose victims added up to 31.

Her motives were Envy.

So go ahead and type “Jane Toppan” as the answer

Key 3

Invidia subroutine online (Envy)

Many many hours passed without a clue until they started playing classical music on a loop, it was identified as “Songe d’une nuit de sabbat” by Hector Berlioz from the Symphonie fantastique. Looking this up reveals:

“He sees himself at a witches’ sabbath, in the midst of a hideous gathering of shades, sorcerers and monsters of every kind who have come together for his funeral. Strange sounds, groans, outbursts of laughter; distant shouts which seem to be answered by more shouts. The beloved melody appears once more, but has now lost its noble and shy character; it is now no more than a vulgar dance tune, trivial and grotesque: it is she who is coming to the sabbath… Roar of delight at her arrival… She joins the diabolical orgy… The funeral knell tolls, burlesque parody of the Dies irae, the dance of the witches. The dance of the witches combined with the Dies irae.”

Now knowing that we are looking for the sin “Wrath” and reading the above statement you will notice the hymn “Dies irae”

It is indeed the answer, so go ahead and input it in and press enter.

Key 4

Ira subroutine online (Wrath)

By now you should realise that we are going through the deadly sins backwards – this makes each “key” slightly easier. Again, a long time passed before we go the next clue – however we solved it before the clue, so I shall give you the correct route.

St Petersburg 1859

The text was written on the wall and was translated to St Petersburg 1859 in Russian, to get the answer to this you should already know what we are looking for something related to “Sloth” so googling “Russia 1859 sloth” brings you to the Answer.

Oblomov was a book by the Russian author Ivan Goncharov, the story focuses on a “Sloth” or “Lazy” like character.

So now enter “Oblomov” and press to enter

Key 5

Acedia subroutine online.

The clue to the next key came in the form of an email address “Contact Seven travelagent.omega@shadowflights.com” This was put up in the middle of the night – the screen was black and all we saw was a flash of light several times.

if you pause the video at the last flash – you will notice she had a GUN held to her head! the light finally came back on later. We went ahead and emailed them – this is the reply we received.

“I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.


For a MAN, the sun didn’t rise. What was the time for all the other men?

P.O. Box 33 – Freetown”

The clue here was the signature of the message, however after solving the key very fast another clue was given to us.


Clearly we had jumped the gun (no pun intended) and decided to go the way they intended us – emailing seven addresses. To find the next email address look closely at the signature – MAN is the initials of one of jack the rippers victims “Mary Ann Nichols” She was killed August 31, 1888 – for her the sun did not rise for everyone else the sun rose at 5:11 am


Still not solid @ 0 K?

P.O. Box 33 – Kinshasa”

This one is a chemistry riddle, 0 k refers to 0 kelvins – the gas HELIUM is not solid at 0 k


Danny, Danny.. Don’t write on the bathroom door!

P.O. Box 33 – Luanda”

This one was very easy to solve, it was a reference to the film “the shining” the character Danny wrote REDRUM.


No fear of death, nor fear of rot. Blood thirsty in the hollow hills.

P.O. Box 33 – Brazzaville”

This comes from a song by “Bahaus” talking about Bela Lugosi, notice the vampire reference? Bela Lugosi portrayed Dracula!


I have a 6 eyed friend hunting in the corner…

P.O. Box 33 – Harare”

EEEEK a spider reference (curses for making me google spiders! * shakes fist * )

Look for a spider that hunts in corners… I did not google this too much due to a massive spider phobia ;)


I am not a number, I am a free man!

P.O. Box 33 – Monrovia”

This one requires you to look for tv series “the prisoner” and read quite a lot about the characters, the main question from it is “Who is number one?”


This is the end, my only friend

Manuscript Key Code: 1.038”

Now to find the key we shall look at the endings for each of the emails.







Where are all those places from? Africa – one thing in particular comes from Africa that is related to greed and a film was made about it… Blood diamond.

By this point some of had been staring at the paper wall for near enough 30 hours with no sleep, I would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of those people for keeping me going that long and the crazy in jokes that made us laugh for so long “May the paper wall forever shine in your hearts, and the prophet forever shall appreciate you. A4! “

Key 6

Back to the keys – after quite a lot more hours more music started playing, this was “Dead souls” by Joy division and we were given another clue on the wall

Cipher Manuscripts.


If you look up cipher manuscripts and leah you will see that she was close to A.Crowley.

The numbers from the email 1.038 actually form a co-ordinate 38°01′54″N 14°01′38″E

which is where Leah and Crowley set up the “Abbey of Thelema”

Type in Abbey of Thelema and you are onto the next key

Key 7

Gula subroutine online (Gluttony)

At this point after refreshing the seal page, an open book was now on the background

Book of Tobit

This is from the book of Tobit – googling book of Tobit and searching for “lust” (the next sin in the sequence) should give you a demon that was affected by lust “Asmodeus”

Enter it and press enter and well done! You have passed seal 6!

The following video will now play with Agent massing explaining our work and a “Backdoor” code.


Again, thank you to everyone that I chatted with over the past few days in the live stream – This is the best community I have ever took part in, everyone is so very kind and supportive and it means so much that you all enjoy these guides so much.

See you all on the 26th for the next seal.

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10 Responses to A New Mission Seal 6

  1. Jr Leal says:

    Dear CryGaia peeps,

    You are all amazing and awesome, especially Amelia!

    That Guy

  2. Ihlion says:

    I were just thinking that we never used the orange as a clue.
    In a number of languages, an orange is known as a “Chinese apple”, e.g., Dutch ‘sinaasappel’ (“China’s apple”) or ‘appelsien’, or northern German Apfelsine. Now, using the clue for apple, and the inverted cross one would think of The Garden of Eden where the Devil caused Adam and Eve to commit the very first sin.

  3. Den says:

    I think she said R L Y E H
    That can only mean one thing!
    The sunken city inhabitted by Cthulhu and his minions. The city used to be on an island above the ocean but the stars shifted and sunk the city ben…
    Makes sense seeing the attack at KingsMouth.

  4. Geargoyle says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on this!

    If anyone wants to see the rest of the videos I made of the Wall, check out my playlist on YouTube! I’m pretty sure I caught all of the major changes.

  5. Maz says:

    I’m just wondering if the Back-door code was “RLYEH” (The Underwater world where Cthulu lives and waits for the stars to be in the correct alignment…)

  6. HTaiji says:

    I think this will be important for the next ones…
    At the end of the vid she says 5 letters, I think I got them right:
    R O Y E H

  7. Nicolas says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an amazing work!
    Thanks for taking the time to post these great guides.

    I really enjoyed watching this seal progress. Even thought I did not find any answers by myself, it was awesome to chat with people and stare at this paper wall !

    It’s nice to see a well organized resume of the seal :)

  8. Grue says:

    Thank you again for putting these together…it was a blast (though I didn’t stay up for the whole time straight) and I agree. This has been a wonderful community, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

  9. Mercuriusrex says:

    Thank-you for this, amazing work !

  10. Emer says:

    Oh Holy Mother, your guides fall from the wall of paper!

    Seriously it was awesome, thanks so much for all the effort you put in, see you next seal!