Second phase is a go… I repeat is a go!

Good afternoon! Today I shall walk you through the next stage of the community unlockable, in the past stage each faction had their own “test” to solve, however this time it appears all three factions are now working on the same ARG – no matter what faction you belong to, this will apply to you.

Tuesday night people began receiving SMS messages on their phones and emails in their inbox, I would like to take the time to point out I was not one of those people who received an SMS – however I had a weirder experience.

I decided to get an early night and catch some sleep, when an hour later I woken up by my phone ringing, upon answering it I heard a click and then a female computer like voice talking to me – the words took a while to sink in (and it took me a good minute to realize it was an ARG and I was not going to be murdered!) She repeated the email that I later realize I had received word for word, (or at least I think she did, I was half asleep and a little scared, I have to admit!) as shown below:

Upon clicking the Link you are taken to the following webpage:

Now, in the email you received/SMS/phone call (please contact me if you were called also, I cannot be the only one!) you will have a number code, insert it into the box and click “Enter”.

This then brings up this page – pay no attention to it, unless you are trying to morally role-play – then take 2 seconds to think of the shiny puzzle goodness and click “I agree”.

A short video will play in which a woman with a slight french accent speaks the follow dialog:

“that’s exactly what I was thinking, reminds me of the________ case its been 6 years already but I’ve got exactly the same vibe”

The space I have left out is causing quite a discussion, it is of the general consensus that she is saying “letters” case in an accent, in fact I don’t think that at all, what I think she is saying is “The L’etat case” which translates to the “State” case – either way it’s speculation.

Shortly after this ends the following image is shown.

Hold on to your hats Arrgers! You are not dreaming, we are in fact using the 33 gate! Avid puzzle goers will remember this gate was the cause of many sleepless nights a few months back when forum user Wahoozerman stumbled upon it and after a while it started to light up, I guess we know why now.

Simply go to and click anywhere on the page that is NOT a link and type 33 on your keyboard – DO NOT PANIC your PC is NOT blue screen of deathing you, just watch and wait.

When you reach the gate click on the rune you were shown at the end of the video (should look like a R) and then click the center ball and wait – after a short moment it will redirect you to the following website ( The background image is in fact a video – so if you cannot see it please update your flash player. This is what it looks like without the console showing.

From this we can see there is a notepad with the name “Abigail brown” and the date 1711 – ?. Along with a gravestone, North burial ground, Providence Rhode Island and under that is two black pieces with 1 and 8 on them. On the top left corner is a blue flower that I believe is a blue bell and on the right side is two 1 dollar bills. Moving your cursor over the left side of the page brings up a console similar to the ones in the previous faction ARGs.

It all looks fairly normal but it also states “loading“ the song is called “God of wine” by “Third eye blind”. Now if I had only noticed this first I would not of bothered to focus so much on Abigail brown…

The hint here is to tie the song about “eyes” to the dollar bills, once you have worked out that on the bills is a logo called “the eye of providence” the next bit should be easy enough.

Pull up the console and type in your user name of choice, press the enter key. It should then show you how many characters (and PUNCTUATION ) you need for the pass code.


If you take a look at the origins of the eye of providence you will see it was created by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere now remember the previous trick we had to use in the mini ARG? “his real name”? Yeah, you guessed it simply copy and paste “Pierre-Eugène Ducimetière” Into the console and shazam you are in!

It should pull up ANOTHER video, where our mysterious lady is now writing on a transparent police whiteboard a sequence of numbers:

18 – 6

24 -14 – 21

3 -1

At the end she looks at the camera, smirks and mouths something – this has been widely discussed and some of the hottest ideas so far are:

  • “Phone Me”
  • “Find Me”
  • “Family”
  • “Fake Money”
  • “Fireman”

Or my personal favorite from my mother “Did she just say fuck me?”

The other clues we think are important is the police radio playing in the background, you heard a lot of “408” and I thought I heard “Fire” at one point on the “corner of western”.

If you follow the image after the video.

And input the runes onto the 33 gate it brings up the following page.

So join me again after the 1st to see what else is to come! Until then please feel free to share your thoughts on the numbers and what you think she is saying in the comments section below!

30 Responses to A New Mission

  1. Brian says:

    Did you get past Access Denied?

  2. Untanas says:

    It seems like shes is Saying the letters A and P. Corresponding to the Runic alphabet. The numbers i haven’t played with yet.

  3. amanda says:

    also getting “access denied”

  4. Erik says:

    I can’t seem to get past Seal 1. I’ve followed the above instructions to the letter. I inputted a username along with the password this site says to give. After that I get a screen that says Access Denied. I’ve attempted this numerous times and each time I keep getting that screen.

    Am I missing something?

  5. flyswat says:

    I’m stuck on seal 6. Thanks so much for the post, very helpful!
    Although, i really don’t get the sixth seal video. weird. groovy. and, well. has me stuck. lol
    I thought origionally that the numbers she writes were the the numbers for the runes. like a code. :)

  6. kurokame says:

    Im a little lost, how to you get the password for the black watchmen?,that the only part that has me lost in Didnt start working out the new mission puzzle until just this last week Im I to late for that? or do the black watch contact email just come shortly after you complete the shadow flight puzzle?

  7. zaldar says:

    hmm so if you just got through the first part now…should I go ahead and put the notes into funcom or wait for texts or phone calls? Was away from the computer so…

  8. Cainite says:

    She says: “Warum nicht?” Probably was meant as a clue additionally to the coordinates for the next seal, as it is german for “why not”.

    Thanks for the guide. I was totally stuck on the damn dates and the tombstone.

  9. Shaydkaracta says:

    “In mythology, bluebells are used by fairies to trap passersby, especially young children. They symbolize death in Britain and are often planted on graves there.”

    The blue bells meant the grave was a trap. The clue was “Providence” coupled with the “Third Eye Blind” hint.

    This little chile spent all night chasing Mrs Brown. lol.

  10. seVen-S says:

    After watching her about 25 times I’m thinking she said “Find Me” but my instinct tells me she’s figuring something out on her own and her conclusion is yup, “Found Me”…

  11. barbu says:

    did you notice that you could reach the last video without cracking the code? You can actually reach it at the 33 gate by clicking on the second blue bar, on the left.

  12. Ciaran says:

    I hope that this doesn’t rely on us having received the original emails! A lot of Hotmail users seem to have been having problems. Still, looking forward to where this leads…

    • Mal A'menz says:

      as far as we know, you only need someone to post the link with the code to get started.

      • ameliasweet says:

        It seems like that is the case, however each code is different so im not sure how that works – i have 3 codes though, so if we hear back from funcom stating that the codes are not connected to a email address i will have two spare :)

  13. Orannius says:

    To be honest, before reading the list you had of what people thought she said, I thought she said Vomit >_> … after reading yours I kept seeing either finally or follow me

  14. Raithwood says:

    I’ve got a Theory…..I could be bunnies!

  15. Odinsraven says:

    Thank you SO much for this write-up! I’d gleaned some of the information about the current ARG from twitter traffic (I didn’t receive a text or email, unfortunately) but just didn’t have the time this week to dig into it; I’m glad you laid it all out like this for us so those of us who couldn’t do the research can at least “lurk” in the experience.

    (Oh, and hearty applause to those of you who DID the work and research to suss all this out!)

  16. flatlyne2001 says:

    I’m so mad, I was on the phone when they called. It wasn’t until I got the text message the next day with the 6digit number on it did the number that called make sense(as it was also a xxx-xxx number only)

  17. Ibim says:

    I think she is saying “follow me” in the video. Though it is a not 100%

  18. CFsapper says:

    I have a theory


    June 18 which was…. the original launch date yes?

    then there is this

    which if you look at the king James bible

    the book of Jeremiah is the 24 book

    so chapter 14 verse 21 is

    “Do not abhor us, for thy name’s sake, do not disgrace the throne of thy glory: remember, break not thy covenant with us.”

    after reading that i think this is a cool way of fun come say sorry for pushing back the release date but it will be worth it trust us :p

    or this could just be crazy thinking

  19. Raithwood says:

    OMG your fantastic! This is an awesome write-up!

  20. Duii says:

    Amy, great write up… Love the work..:D Loved the quality of the New Mission ARG so that made me very happy. I love the effort that has been placed in this one as far as quality and mystery. That was awesome, however, after reviewing the progression it definitely is a let down. After going to all that effort and quality of production to end with “The next seal is not yet available” seems to me a bummer of an ending and too much of a tell about when exactly this begins again. I do feel as if Charlie Brown has been taken by Lucy…again…

  21. Arcadia says:

    So interesting. I feel that the numbers 18 – 6 have something to do with the book (communion bible?) she is reading at the start. I looked up some verses, but can’t really make head or tails of it yet. In psalms (14) it speaks of calling, so maybe the “call me” if that is it has something to do with it. The 14 is the only number that is not one of the police codes?