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Nigel “Archivist” Plantagenet
for The Secret World Geographic News
posted 3-Aug-2012
Solomon Island, ME

There are few cardinal rules of Travel journalism, but certainly one of the major ones is to preserve your objectivity when describing a place. If you can’t maintain your objectivity, it is your obligation to fully disclose that to your readers. So, in that spirit of full disclosure, I have to express my admiration for the Solomon Island, from Kingsmouth’s small town flair to The Savage Coast’s mix of natural and man-made to The Blue Mountain’s preservation of Nature and Wabanaki Heritage. In this article, I want to introduce you to The Savage Coast.

In my opinion, The Savage Coast is misnamed. It should be The Majestic Coast, and those that call this part of Solomon Island home would certainly agree. The Savage Coast is home to the Atlantic Island Park and Innsmouth Academy. With those two anchors of the community, it should be immediately obvious that The Savage Coast focuses on family.

In the small collection of buildings that form its informal village, you will find the very core of this family friendly enclave.

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