In our Cabal Spotlight for this week, we talked to the Dragon Cabal – Animosity. They are a tight-knit cabal that focus on PVP. Animosity looks for players that are Loyal, Skilled, have a proper Gaming Etiquette and Active! Formed on the 14th of January 2009, Animosity has a long history through many games. They have a host of members of different backgrounds, including well known guilds such as Death and Taxes and Nihilum of World of Warcraft fame. They held a contest to create an image for this weekends spotlight and the awesome image below is the winner. Good job! And the recruitment video below looks pretty amazing! The creative talent in this cabal is phenomenal!

1. How many members does your cabal have?

At the moment our gaming community is supporting 126 Members over many divisions.

2. Are you a multi-gaming cabal? If so, what other games does your cabal support/play?

Yes! At the moment we have 4 active divisions (supported games). These, including TSW, are SWTOR, GW2 & LoL. Additionally a vast variety of games played by many of our members, including but not limited to:

BF3 , FireFall, Mass Effect 3, Tribes: Ascend, Starcraft II, EVE, WOW, DOTA 2, HON, Planetside, Minecraft & many more betas that we participate in.

3. What is the most important trait you look for in a new member?

In Animosity we are very specific for when reviewing applications. Firstly we only accept Mature 18+ players. Also when adding to our ranks we select dedicated and loyal gamers with above average experience and understanding of the game they are applying for. Not to be sticklers for a good time we also look for fun, humor and responsibility with applicants displaying a progressive mindset.

4. What is your focus going to be in-game? (PvP-RP-PVE-Other)

Primarily we are a PVP Cabal with an interest in PVE, with no qualms squashing all competition in instanced PVP and open world PVP alike with an iron fist of a seasoned PVP Gaming community. Also, when looking for more fun on occasion a wild RP’er may appear. They will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

5. What are you most excited about in TSW?

As a guild we look to dominate all aspects of PVP action. From the free for all fight clubs to the larger battlegrounds. Personally I (Redstar) am very much looking forward to how this new, revolutionary system of no levels and the huge amount of skills to choose from will work.

6. How do you feel about bananas?

You may ask our mascot, Curious George, about them. I however like beef. Do try the beef.

You can get more info on Animosity by visiting their website or forum thread. Check em out and see if they are a good fit for you!

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6 Responses to Cabal Spotlight – Animosity

  1. Byourel says:

    Great job, well done! Please do try the beef!

  2. Zhest says:

    Great job Redstar, and thanks Zephyrus for featuring us in your spotlight.

    Major props to Sinn for the Banner! The video isn’t bad.

    <3 Zhest – co-co-co-co Guild Leader of Animosity.

  3. Dark says:

    Very nice brother

  4. Sinn says:

    I do enjoy the beef.

  5. Ironfield says:

    Nicely done Red, a job well done.