• Age of Conan:
    • House of Crom has been released. This “is a massive new location, with a lot of great new content for maximum level players to enjoy. […] This epic location brings with it many new dynamic encounters [and] new loot”. House of Crom is composed of two dungeons: ‘The Threshold of Divinity’ (“a social dungeon for up to four six-player groups”) and ‘The Vile Nativity’ (“six-player group dungeon”). “These areas are the largest indoor dungeons [the AoC team] have created to date”. Source: ageofconan.com – House of Crom


  • In Remyx99’s article ‘Martin Bruusgaard’s holiday answers’ brought new information.
    • Clothes and outfits:

      Clothes will be available from vendors, shops and marketplaces, but many items will also be reward based. One thing I’m particularly excited about is the template deck outfits. Template decks are a set of powers that enable the player to fulfill a certain role, and this is comparable to Magic the Gathering’s starter decks. On completion of any of these templates the player is given an outfit that reflects what that deck is. So for instance, if a player completes the Ninja deck, he or she is given a Ninja costume. All of the templates are faction specific, meaning that there will be different outfits for Templars, Illuminati or Dragon!

    • Cross faction organizations:

      We have plans for umbrella organisations that can go cross faction, but this will not be in for launch. We need to focus on getting the core gameplay tight, but we plan to make steady, and plenty of, content updates.”

      Then, he added on DDCG:

      All I can say is that it won’t be in for launch, and if you want to be 100% sure to be in the same cabal as your buddies, you should roll the same Secret Society.

      With a studio audacious enough to break from now long established concepts such as classes and levels, one could speculate about plans to make factions face internal dissensions and re-group differently. Time will tell…

    crygaia.net – Martin Bruusgaard’s holiday answers
    Martin Bruusgaard’s post on DDCG

  • Senior Designer Brent Ellison explained how dungeons are designed. “Dungeons in The Secret World are challenging and intense, an opportunity for players to test their builds, skills and teamwork to the utmost. They serve as very focused content, in sharp contrast to the wide sandboxes of the playfields. In a dungeon, players live and die by the strength of their team and their ability to strategise to meet the odds.” More details on TheSecretWorld.com.Source: TheSecretWorld.com – BLOG: Dungeon Making Process
  • Week of the Illuminati:
    • Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos attended a Q&A session organized on Facebook.
      • Nathan Hart’s question asking for more insight into Kirsten Geary got the following answer:

        “Kirsten is the model Illuminati – ruthlessly capable. The last decade of Illuminati stars all owe their start to Kirsten, and usually end up owing many other things to her as well. She is upfront about the viciousness of the organization – she honestly wants her charges to succeed, not least because of the kudos she racks up because of it, but she is absolutely prepared to sign a death warrant on your third strike.”

      • Sarah Thomas’s question “Will there ever be a chance to befriend those in the Illuminati if you’re not part of it or is the rivalry in the game pretty set in stone?” got the following answer:

        “Players in the Illuminati are free to form alliances (PvE grouping) with who they will. NPC’s in the Illuminati will talk to the members of other factions – even work with them if they need to – but it would be a stretch to say that they will ever be friends.”

      • Reed Dickerson got the following answer to his question “How will the Illuminati being located in New York affect gameplay? Will there be chances to interact with city?”:

        “Players will travel to locations within the city to complete some missions, but perhaps you refer to other types of interactions? I can give one example: Very early in the game, the player follows a trail of Illuminati surveillance cameras through the city. Later the player will be able to access a computer which allows them to view live feeds of the city streets through those very cameras.”

      The complete Q&A session can be read on TSW’s Facebook page.

  • The Hydra Initiative interviewed Lead Programmer Øystein Eftevaag who gave interesting details:
    • HI:In a video released in March of this year, an investigation mission was showcased. In that mission, the player had to use their browser to look up information on said individual. Will The Secret World still be implementing an in-game browser? How will this work? Since you used Google Chrome, would that be the browser of choice or would the player be allowed to use their default browser? Will use of the in-game browser affect performance? If the in-game browser is not implemented, will users with one monitor (who play in full-screen) be able to alt+tab effectively?
      ØE: The in-game browser is already in and working, and is looking great! Due to the way browsers have to interact with our client there can’t be a choice of browser, unfortunately. In practice, it’s a version of Chrome (wrapped in a 3rd party framework called Awesomium) which is tightly integrated with our client; and not a browser which is already installed on the player’s machine. When the browser is closed, there will be no performance impact at all. Even when it’s running, the browser runs in a separate process and not have any noticeable impact.

      Note Eve Online uses Awesomium since 1st December 2009, which should prove the technology is mature.

    • HI: nVIDIA APEX was stated to be implemented as well. Is the APEX system going to be used in The Secret World?
      ØE: APEX is something we’re looking at with great interest, but it’s not something we’ll have ready by the time The Secret World is released.

    hydraInitiative.com – Interview with Lead Programmer Øystein Eftevaag
    wikipedia.org – Eve Online: Dominion expansion

  • Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard talked about gear and chakras:
    • Gear:

      There will not be pvp-gear in TSW. You will be able to obtain gear through pvping, but they will not have a particular pvp stat(s). Power wise they can compete with the best PvE gear.

    • Chakras:

      In addition to stats, they will have triggers like:”Every time you block an incoming attack, you knock the attacker down.”
      “Your crowd control abilities last 10% longer”.
      “Every 10th time you receive healing, you do a pbAoE” (imagine that with leech heals from assault rifle…)

      These arent abilities. These are stats/triggers on chakras!

    He then added that “getting the right gear to complement your build will be an important part of deckbuilding, and when building group builds, and that’s why we have gear in pvp”.

    Source: Martin Bruusgaard’s post on DDCG

  • Senior Community Manager Oliver ‘Tarib’ Kunz confirmed ‘The Secret War’ is still on the agenda. Source: Oliver Kunz’s post on DDCG


  • The Hydra Initiative launched the last of its three bi-monthly contests, in partnership with The Secret World Uncovered. This time, contenders will have to produce a faction-based fanvid. “No use of previously released material from Funcom and The Secret World (i.e. videos and pictures)” is allowed. The prize is an XFX NVIDIA GTX 540 TI. The contest is open to all factions and will run from 2nd February to 18th March. Source: Announcement
  • Hermetic Order of Trinity describes itself as “the largest and the oldest Polish Cabal”. It numbers 20 members and was founded last 24th September 2011. The cabal focuses on PvE, RP and, to a lesser extent, PvP. Announcement
  • Knights of Astoria is “organizing a Valentine’s Day event”. Contenders must produce a letter or a comic or a story fulfilling the requirements detailed in the announcement of the contest. “The Winner will receive a $25 iTunes Gift Card”. The contest is open to all factions and will run until “February 20th 11:59 PM 2012 (EST)”. Source: Announcement


  • Duplicity is a social and casual cabal founded and led by Luisa. Although it is based in Europe, it accepts members from everywhere. Its goal is “to have fun, explore the content of The Secret World and progress at a steady rate”. The cabal wants to be friendly and do some light RP without drama. Applicants must be at least 18 years old but exceptions can be made depending on the application quality. Announcement duplicity.guildlaunch.com


  • LooT Junkies will be present in all aspects of the game and is looking for active and mature players. Both casual and hardcore gamers are accepted. The guild is however limited to the US Eastern time zone. Announcement lootjunkies.com


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