• Age of Conan:
    • Funcom announced the release of AoC’s movie tie-in adventure pack “Savage Coast of Turan”. It “brings new locations, monsters, weaponry, characters and storylines”. Of course, both premium members and free players can buy this expansion (source). Developer trailer.
  • Funcom’s growth:
    • Funcom Montreal’s staff will reach 250 employees by the end of the year.
      JeuxOnLine’s article
      GazetteMontreal.com’s article (tweeted by Nyte)
  • Bloodline Champions:
    • Patch 2.0 – Dawn of Relics is available. Lots of things have been modified or added: Bloodgate user interface overhaul, search for games, bloodline starter quest, account progression, traits & medallions, a new medium sized arena “Hanging Gardens of Savir”, various bugfixes and gameplay changes. All the details can be found in the Patch Notes.
  • Anarchy Online:
    • Two new screenshots have been taken in Tir to show what the new engine is capable of: Tir 1 and Tir 2. There is also a picture showing the remodeled heads (source).


  • Age of Conan’s August Monthly Development Update gave information about the degree of achievement of Funcom’s single server technology:

    The team currently has some internal prototypes up and running, and the core infrastructure is done. The next step is for us to design, and decide how to integrate the technology with the game [Age of Conan], and start to establish the rules. We estimate that it may be ready for external testing towards the end of the year, with it coming to the live servers early in 2012.

  • Martin Bruusgaard gave information about the PvP uniform here and here:

    The uniform is purely cosmetic. It does not affect the skills or your play style at all. The only thing it does is to give you team mates, and you opponents, a hint on what sort of skills you’re packing. We believe that attacking a player without having an idea what sort of role they have is less fun than having a slight idea on what they are.

    The uniforms are mandatory and can not be unequipped, or changed, within a match. This is because we don’t want players to fake their role.

    There are hybrid uniforms as well.

  • He also got onto the scoring (source):

    We haven’t really talked about this before, but in the harder dungeons in the game there will be a scoring system. Your score is reduced if you use any of the anima wells to do a respec. This means that you *can* change your skills if you want to, but if you want the best score you will have to try to come up with one build that can last you throughout the whole dungeon.

    By this we feel we cater to all playstyles – the ones that are there for the ride and play the way they want to play, and to the groups that want to make their group setup perfect to get the top score (ie better rewards).

    This scoring system will only be for the hardest dungeons.

  • Joel Bylos said the game in written in “C/C++, actionscript, lua and scry (inhouse)” (source).
  • As captrench pointed out here, normal groups will have five players maximum while raid groups will have ten maximum (source).
  • Regarding The Secret War, Erling Ellingsen, Director of Communications confirmed “having friends on Facebook who are members of other secret societies has no effect whatsoever.” He also added “there will be no information available to one secret society [only] that will give them an edge in the Secret War – that’s not how the experience works” (source).
  • Martin Bruusgaard has also been more explicit here regarding the purchase of skills and their testing:

    As long as you’re in your faction’s training room when you’re purchasing the skills, you can get a refund. In these training rooms there are combat dummies where you can try out the skill. If the skill is not what you were looking for, you can get your skill points back, and try something else. When you leave the training room, your choice is made.

    Also, we don’t have any skill branching in the form of if you pick skill X instead of Y, you can never get skill Y again. A player can own every skill with a single character.


  • A Ventrilo server is available to the community thanks to Selei. Announcement

    Server: silver.typefrag.com
    Port: 47486
    Password: tsw

  • New developments occurred regarding the Superbowl contest’s puzzle: 86 pieces out of 99 have been posted and mysterious sentences have been found. Read Remyx99’s article for spicy details.
  • As DDCG’s announcements were piling up, they have been moved to a brand new section judiciously named “Announcements” (source for datestamp).
  • JeuxOnLine interviewed Community Manager Morteia here.


  • Sanctus is the first cabal of a group expected to finally contain 3 cabals (one per faction). The group will insist on the cooperation between its three cabals and will be a “very laid back guild”. Announcement tsw-sanctus.guildlaunch.com
  • Legion of the Phoenix (LoP)’s main purpose is fun and, “beside dominating the other factions, […] try[ing] to get a high position in [its] own faction”. Announcement


  • The Veil‘s death has been confirmed by Shalizea. For the record, it was a multi-gaming guild present in Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft. It intended to expand to The Secret World and Star Wars The Old Republic. In collaboration with The Black Market (now Blacklisted), it had tried to launch an Illuminati-only website named Tri-Corps. Announcement veils.guildlaunch.com


  • D├╝steres Schicksal, Google-translated as “Gloomy Fate”, is a German-speaking cabal. Although it will do some PvE and crafting, this is above all a PvP cabal. Members must be at least 18 years old. Announcement Contact