Episode 25.5 – Everything Else Pax East! (Release Date: 10 April 2012)

Mal A’menz and his brother Yettster take some time to talk about the highlights from PAX East this year. They look at everything that’s -not- The Secret World. They talk about The Future of Online gaming – a highly talked about panel, Mass Effect’s big love-in, Penny Arcades Q and A, the loud ass expo floor and the cosplay outfits that were amazing. The storyof how Penny Arcade started is something to inspire gamer and nerds across the world. Of course, The Secret World was the loudest mofos in the area! Friendly gamers at Pax saved Mal A’menz life by telling him his pants were on fire and completely unrelated he also ran into Felicia Day. Do you know the difference between Mechanical narrative and Environmental narrative? Yettster is here to tell ya. If the world ends, Pax East 2013 will still happen!

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