Martin gave an interview with MMORPG recently where he discussed all things Magic. How they play with other weapons and how they will work within different roles (tank, heal, dps, support and control). While there wasn’t any new information released, it did cover all the basics about how they see the ability wheel progressing and how decks will help people with their starter builds. Check out the full interview over at MMORPG.

MMORPG: One thing we saw a lot of at PAX East was the mixing of Chaos and weapons. But what benefits will players have if they choose to just be a straight up chaos magic user? Obviously they’ll get deeper and deeper into the skill wheel this way, right?

Martin Bruusgaard: By going pure chaos, the player will be able to get deeper in the chaos line faster than anyone else. However, because of the nature of the combat system in TSW you will do more damage by wielding two weapons. You see, we have some abilities referred to as builders and some are referred to as consumers. Builders build resources on the target, and consumers consume the built resources for extra damage, healing, or some other cool effect.

If you have one weapon equipped the builder will build resources for that single weapon, but if you have two weapons equipped the builder will build one resource for each weapons – i.e. twice as many resources. You can then consume resources from weapon 1 and then weapon 2, which will result in more damage than just consuming from one weapon. This might sound confusing, but we have a very nice tutorial system which will ease players in to the depth of TSW. I should also mention that this type of min/maxing is probably only for more advanced players. You can survive just fine with 1 weapon. At least for a while. (Laughs)

By William Murphy on May 15, 2012 – Source

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