A new video, the joy rushes through the lurking fans of this ever more exciting game. The video itself does not contain much new information, it’s just moving pictures of most of the stills we have already seen. And tells the tale of the darkness that have been lurking in the shadows of the Kingsmouth area for way too long. Now they are coming back, for the whole world to see.

Although the video gives more to new fans, there are still a few cookies to eat for the hardcore fans. We get a glimpse of a new hell-monster daemon. Tall and bone crunching, with heavy armor.

We get a closeup of a claw weapon in the fight with the spectre. And the Accursed Woods seem to be more then just a dark place. We see a tree house as a prominent feature at the treetop, is it a safe-house or maybe its not safe at all? Its a clear indication that the “pitch black backwoods” holds more then what first greats you. And hopefully we will soon be able to learn more about what hides in its shadows.

The video is premiered exclusively on these websites:
Buffed.de (Germany)
JeuxOnline.info (France)
Meristation.com (Spain)
Gamer.no (Norway)

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