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Issue #10: Nightmares in the Dream Palace is here!


Issue #10 continues the main story of The Secret World. Leave the quarantine zone and follow the trail of bodies left behind by the Rabbit-headed assassin. Discover the dark secret behind the Fear Nothing Foundation and see how deep its connections truly go. Explore the twisted mind of the man who set off the bomb in Tokyo. Delve into a nightmare unlike any other and get the answers you have been yearning for.

This update opens up big new areas of Tokyo. Explore the haunted Orochi Tenements. These houses used to be filled with the workers of the Orochi corporation. Horrors and demons now stalk the corrupted streets. Travel to the docks and take on all new monsters and an evolved strain of Filth. This new threat has been spreading from a cargo ship, containing creatures from another continent. Enter the Dream Palace Love Hotel to sample its pleasures. You can now get your hands on even more powerful Orochi technology. The all new AEGIS shields will give you an added defense against the powerful creatures of Tokyo. (Find out more | Previous Articles)

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