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The beginning

Shattered timer

On August 16, 2011 Funcom announced the launch date for The Secret World and the start of beta registration which was to be, "integrated into a new, interactive social media campaign that will pit community members in each of the three secret societies against each other in the secret war." A new Secret war related CGI vid went up on the Funcom site on August 25, 2011, less than a day before the timer was to stop.

Registration and the start of the war were to begin at 2 pm GMT on August 26, 2011. A timer was posted counting down the minutes with an optional email sign up to be notified when the timer went off. A four hour delay was announced and when that passed another delay was announced. Forty-five minutes after the second announcement, the timer image changed and the Council of Venice systems malfunction ARG began.

An official announcement of the delay of both the secret war and beta registration went up on August 27, 2011.

Phase one

Secret War

On August 29, 2011, the secret war registration began on Facebook which launched phase one. The community response to being forced to use Facebook for both beta registration and the secret war was poor. Funcom later posted a non-Facebook method of beta registration on August 30, 2011.

After launching phase 1, Funcom released details for the second phase which included access to unique content and potential prizes for participation. Mentioned in-game prizes include weapons, clothing, achievements, and potentially guaranteed beta access. Out-of-game prizes include a visit to Funcom studios and your name in the game.

PSA: There is some confusion over whether having other faction members as Facebook friends will hamper players in the Secret War. Community member Valiah sought to get clarification and asked the following questions via email. Could having friends from other factions hurt our efforts in the secret war? Will there be faction exclusive clues/"sensitive information" that should be hidden from the other factions?

Answer from Funcom Director of Communications

Hi, *blanked*!

No, having friends on Facebook who are members of other secret societies has no effect whatsoever. And no, there will be no information available to one secret society that will give them an edge in the Secret War - that's not how the experience works.

In fact, the information that is available to one secret society can be viewed by members of other secret societies as well.

There is no reason whatsoever for people to delete Facebook friends. In fact, inside the experience, you can have friends from other secret societies (remember: united in the battle against darkness), you just can't use them as agents in the secret war (divided in the pursuit of power).

Agents are Facebook friends that have joined the Secret War experience, and who have chosen the same secret society as you.
Erling Ellingsen, redacted

Phase two

Not yet launched.

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