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All text on The Secret World Wiki (TSWW) is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (referred to as cc by-sa for short). By editing pages on TSWW, you retain ownership of your contributions, however you give permission to TSWW to permanently use your contributions and allow other contributors to make modifications to them.

The main features of cc by-sa include users being free to copy, distribute and adapt the work as long as you attribute the author(s) and distribute it only under the same or a compatible license. Read the full summary here or check the entire legal code.


Under cc by-sa, all edits made to this wiki are attributed to their original author in the respective page's history. However, anyone is allowed to modify those contributions if they see fit. This warning appears above the "Save page" button each time a user goes to edit a page.

Copying and modifying content from this wiki is allowed under this license as long as the two conditions are met: attribution to the author(s) and using the content with a similar or compatible license. These conditions can be met by linking to the original article and the license it falls under.


When uploading images, it is important to specify copyright information. Screenshots, images, concept art, and all other types of media that come from Funcom are copyrighted by them, but are allowed to be uploaded under fair use guidelines. (NOTE: None of the images copyrighted by Funcom fall under the licensing of the wiki. Their usage here is separate from the license and does not imply any affiliation with Funcom.) Other images uploaded without a copyright should fall under the same license used by the wiki (cc by-sa) or a similar one. Images uploaded in violation of copyright are subject to deletion.

Leaked Information

The Secret World is currently in development and those playing it are under a Non-disclosure agreement. It is likely many things will change once the game is released, and not all things in development are intended for the public. Any information leaked while the NDA is in effect should not be shared on the wiki.

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